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Current Prayer Needs - 02/24

Larry Carlson is home from the hospital following surgery. Pray that this will help him completely heal from his long bout with pneumonia.


Tonja DeWolf was involved in a car accident on Friday as she was rear-ended at a stoplight. X-rays found no broken bones, but she is very sore and experiencing muscle spasms. Please keep her recovery in your prayers.


Jean Shroyer underwent an esophageal procedure last week for a bleeding ulcer. Pray for her health. 


Donna Lubeck's cousin, JD Brown, passed away after fighting pancreatic cancer. Remember his family in your prayers at this difficult time.


Pray for James Main who is hospitalized at Mercy. Also, keep and his wife, Cheran, in your prayers. 


Betty Cooper's surgery went well and she is resting at home this evening. The doctor is optimistic he was able to take out all of the cancer. Pray that she will not need any further treatments.


Angie Bilyeu has asked the church family to pray for her as the realtor has some showings lined up for her house. Pray that if it is in God's perfect timing it will sell.


For the most part, Mark Beaty's surgery in Philadelphia went well. However, the surgeon discovered some problems that most likely happened during the initial surgery and can't be repaired. He will have physical therapy for 3 days before going home and then therapy at home. Time will tell if it will resolve some of Mark's pain and discomfort he's had for nine months and give him mobility. Still our God reigns and He can do anything! The family thanks everyone for the prayers. Sue said "They were and are felt!" 


Diane Walker asks for prayers for her family and their court date coming up to finalize the will and trust of their mother.

Continue to keep Holly Flick in your prayers through her long journey of recovery from a massive stroke. She and Larry would enjoy visits from the church family from 9:30 - Noon. Call the church office at 855-1616 for contact information.

Remember Ann Young and Elaine Linscott in your prayers as they recover from pneumonia.

New Life's Next Prayer Time will be on Friday, March 16 at 9:30am.