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Life Groups are a big deal here at New Life and we strive to help everyone connect in one. Life Groups are usually made up of 8 – 12 people and meet on various days, times and locations throughout the city. Each week during Life Group, you’ll be with friends to study God’s word, pray together and simply enjoy spending time together. At the end of the day, we need each other! God designed us to need one another and Life Groups are a wonderful expression of Christian community.

The weekly Life Group studies are directly linked to the Sunday morning sermons. We refer to this as “Sermon-based Life Groups.” Each Life Group study is a continuation of the topic from Sunday’s sermon. Study guides are provided each week and help our church stay aligned and focused. We believe that great things happen when we study and pray together as a church body. Interested in learning more about Life Group or even joining one? Visit our Life Groups page or fill out the form below and and we will follow up with you this week!

Life Groups Questions:


God’s pleasure in you is not based on your performance for Him, but through faith alone in Christ alone.

In which sport(s) do you think it is most difficult to score? Why? In which sport is it easiest to score? Why?


For those of us with a competitive spirit, games in which we can score more points than our opponents are exciting. We often consider games to be worth-less unless a winner is declared. We also tend to think this way about God. Many people believe they can score points with God through seemingly righteous acts, but today we will see in Galatians 2 the futility of that hope. Only Jesus is able to satisfy the requirements of the law and we receive Him only through faith. Therefore, God’s pleasure in us is not based on our performance for Him, but through faith in Jesus.

In what ways might we as human beings try to “score points” with God?

Why do people want to “score points” with God? What’s tempting about this approach? What’s wrong with this approach?


Read Galatians 2:1-10

According to 2:1, how long had it been since Paul visited the apostles in Jerusalem?

How would you explain Paul’s goal in this situation?

How would you summarize Paul’s approach? How is this different from how you might react in a similar situation?

Read Galatians 2:11-14

How had Peter compromised his freedom in Christ? To whom or what was he enslaving himself?

Read Galatians 2:15-21

What is the common need of both groups named in these verses?

Who is the only person who can meet that need?

Why is it important to see ourselves on equal ground as those in need of salvation?

How are the words “justified” and “faith” used in the passage?

According to these verses, what is the message of the Gospel?

What kind of behavior would be considered consistent with this understanding of the Gospel?

What does Paul say about the role of faith and works (or the law)? How are they different?

What kind of change did Paul experience according to verses 17-21?

What was the law’s purpose? How did it set the stage for the Messiah? How then should we view the law?

What does it look like to “live to God?”

What was Paul’s point in verse 21? How might our lives imply that Christ died for nothing?


Pray: Ask God to reveal how He’s been sanctifying you. Pray for tangible growth in that area each day this week.

Resolve: If you’re in conflict with another believer, do all you can to reconcile with them. Forgive and ask for forgiveness, pray for that person, or initiate a time to talk through your conflict.

Journal: Answer the question, “Do I fear what people think of me?” This week as you reflect on that question, write out a prayer to God, confessing your fears to Him.

Hold Accountable: Meet up with a trusted Christian friend to confess sin and hold each other accountable. Talk about what God has been teaching you lately and challenge each other to take one step of obedience.

Imitate: Read Philippians 2:1–11 to learn more about what it means to imitate Jesus’ humility. Ask God to grow you in humility and consider committing this passage to memory.