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Current Prayer Needs - 04/20

Steve and Deanna Neifing would like us to pray for Clara Brito, mother of Hulda Powell, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Tawny Terry and her nine-year-old daughter, Autumn, are now home from the hospital after being involved in a car accident on Thursday evening. Thankfully they were not seriously injured. Keep them in your prayers.


James Blank was dismissed from NW Medical rehabilitation on Friday. He will receive in-home healthcare and rehab. Continue to pray for James and Julie, as he still has a long road to a full recovery.

Pray for our Sr. High students and sponsors who are attending Ozark Christian College's Deeper Life Conference over the weekend. Pray for lives to be changed and their relationship with Jesus to grow closer.

Continue to pray for those in the church family recovering from surgery: Bill Dippery, Bill Raymond and Max Johnson.