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Life Groups are a big deal here at New Life and we strive to help everyone connect in one. Life Groups are usually made up of 8 – 12 people and meet on various days, times and locations throughout the city. Each week during Life Group, you’ll be with friends to study God’s word, pray together and simply enjoy spending time together. At the end of the day, we need each other! God designed us to need one another and Life Groups are a wonderful expression of Christian community.

The weekly Life Group studies are directly linked to the Sunday morning sermons. We refer to this as “Sermon-based Life Groups.” Each Life Group study is a continuation of the topic from Sunday’s sermon. Study guides are provided each week and help our church stay aligned and focused. We believe that great things happen when we study and pray together as a church body. Interested in learning more about Life Group or even joining one? Visit our Life Groups page or fill out the form below and and we will follow up with you this week!

Life Group questions for the week of March 18th:

It‘s Personal

Main Idea

We must serve like Jesus served to reach those around us with the Gospel.

What impacted you, or was the most memorable thing you heard from the Pastor’s sermon this week?

Is there anything that you are afraid of, but you know you should not be? What is it?

Did that fear originate with a particular experience? What was it?

What do you think are some common fears Christians have related to their faith?

How might fear hold us back in our relationship with God or in our relationships with others?

Get Personal

What words come to mind when you hear the word “servant”? What are some common assumptions we make or hear about serving?

How did Jesus serve? Is it possible to serve in a way that’s not like Jesus served? How might fear hold us back from serving as Jesus did?

Can you think of any specific examples in your own life when fear made it difficult to serve like that?

Read Matthew 20:20-21.

Do you think James and John (the sons of Zebedee) knew their mom was going to ask

Jesus this question? Do you think they put her up to it? Why or why not?

What kinds of things might have motivated this request for greatness?

Specifically, how might fear have motivated this request?

Read Matthew 20:24-28.

What was the reaction of the other ten disciples when they heard about this request?

What does this reaction suggest about what was in their hearts?

Have you ever felt like the other disciples? Afraid that you were going to miss out on

something? How does that attitude prevent you from serving others?

How was “greatness” most commonly demonstrated or pursued in Jesus’ culture?

How is “greatness” defined in our culture today? What does Jesus say about true greatness?

In what ways are Jesus’ words here counter-cultural both today and in Jesus’ day? What does this say about the condition of the human heart and our natural assumptions about service?


Read Philippians 2:1-4.

If we are going to serve like Jesus, why must we think of others as better than ourselves? How did Jesus exemplify this attitude?

What is one area of your life in which fear motivates you to think of yourself first? In your job? Your friendships? Your finances?

What is one practical way this week you are going to declare that you will serve like Jesus served?